Harry's Stone

This is Harry's Stone. Harry was 15 when he left this physical world and his memorial stone sits in his family's garden. He was a lover of life, with an infectious grin, a rogue, a stealer of hearts and a great fisherman. He loved Holdens and so the sun is the Holden logo shining above the sea that he loved and spent so much time around. The 3 flax leaves represent his mum, dad and brother. The central koru frond is Harry unfurling to the light ever on and upwards. Mayor Island on the horizon. Harry went diving a lot between Mayor Island and Waihi Beach with his friend Malcolm and was constantly followed by a stingray with his tail cut off, he would nudge and hover until they gave him some fish and he would keep his distance. Harry felt the stingray was special to him and so he's represented on Harry's Stone.