Gilmour Reserve Sculpture, Waihi

This is a pictorial of the development of a sculpture which will flank the entranceway to Gilmour Reserve and the lake in Waihi. Commissioned by the Hauraki District Council, the project will take 6 months to complete. One side of the entrance will depict the "Legend of The Ohinemuri River and the Taniwha" and the other will have a heritage theme with the mine rake train, Cornish pumphouse and a period settler family.

Tree nearing completion

Finished left hand entrance stone to Gilmour Reserve

Second stone in place to start

Initial cutting into stone

Close up of the miner coming home after work

Miner and the rake line train with ore carriages

2 children,1 running to meet Dad on his return from working down the mine. The boy waves at the rake line train as it comes out of the tunnel

Their mother feeds the chooks and runs the homestead

The rake line train

The Cornish pump house

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