Gilmour Reserve Sculpture, Waihi

This is a pictorial of the development of a sculpture which will flank the entranceway to Gilmour Reserve and the lake in Waihi. Commissioned by the Hauraki District Council, the project will take 6 months to complete. One side of the entrance will depict the "Legend of The Ohinemuri River and the Taniwha" and the other will have a heritage theme with the mine rake train, Cornish pumphouse and a period settler family.

Gobbledeguts picking out a stone at the Firth Hinuera Quarry

Transferring stone with forklifts

The stone having the bottom cut to be level

The end of one piece is cut level

The first stone loaded ready for the workshop

HIAB preparing to lift the stone into position at Trevor's workshop

Just a bit this way


Carefully lowering the stone

"Taniwha of the Ohinemuri"

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